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複製跟單 /
社區交易 平台

複製跟單為所有對金融市場有興趣的人士提供了新機遇, 作為產品可以顯著提高經紀商的營業額. 成功的交易員會如常在其賬戶上進行交易, 但到了周末或月底, 他們會憑着自己的成功而獲得報酬. 而那些不想進行交易, 或無法靠自己獲利的人, 則可以複製專業交易員的倉位.


您的客戶可以使用一個指定任何貨幣的賬戶. 平台支持任何可想像得到的組合. 所有費用會被分別計算及支付.

可使用法定貨幣和加密數字貨幣: 美元, 日圓, 比特幣, 泰達幣, 歐元等開啓賬戶.


State-of-art architecture of the platform

The investment platform is stand-alone from MT4/5 server software and installed on a separate server connected via manager's API. No plugins need be installed. No MT4API跟单 calculations are made on the MetaTrader server. No additional load to MT or risk of a crash.

MetaTrader server
Both MT4 and MT5

Live Leaderboard
For broker’s website

For investors and traders

Admin Panel
For administrator

Manager’s App
For broker’s staff

Allocation Service
A service which makes all calculations and allocations

API Service
Service whiсh provides API for client interfaces, widgets and manager’s MT4API跟单 MT4API跟单 apps.

Performance Monitoring
All critical errors are monitored by auto-tests and recovery scrypts.

Features Own Server B2Broker's Server
Updates / maitenance of a VPS Client B2Broker
Who has access to server Optionally for client: starting from no access to B2Broker's Support team up to RDP access for full maitenance of services and fast support B2Broker Team. Client has access only to database (optional) and to MT4API跟单 admin panel
Database access Full access By default B2broker. Read-only access can be provided to client on request
Approximate cost ~120 USD for one server. No discount on monthly support price Included in montly price

Investment Platform is a MT4API跟单 standalone software and supports several ways of integration with a broker's infrastructure with MT4API跟单 different levels of time and development costs - no integration, seamless sign-on and deep integration.

The basic setup can be done without MT4API跟单 integration with client area at all:

1) Users will login in web interfaces with login and password to their MT4/5 account that is opened

in Client area of broker or in MetaTrader Manager.

2) Broker can use the platform via admin panel even without web interfaces.

With JSON REST API you can make a seamless authorization from the client MT4API跟单 area to web

interfaces, so investors and money MT4API跟单 managers will not need to authorize them separately.

Suitable for companies which have resources and time for development. With the API you can integrate every single function inside of your client area and allow users to create accounts, subscribe and see statistics without going to any other interface or app. As the API is not going to be changed deep integration can be made after launch with SSO or even no integration and release new functions step-by-step to clients.

A white label owner of any main white label MetaTrader server provider can also use it as it does not require plugin installations, just MT manager credentials without administrator rights.

The investment platform supports white MT4API跟单 MT4API跟单 labels. If you have clients that are using a white label based on your MT server, you can create one for them in your admin panel with a separate web-UI and give them a manager's application with access to their accounts only.

White label architecture is the same as for WLs in the MetaTrader server. Each white label will have access to their account only from manager's applications, and leaderboards and will also be separated. This means that there will be no interference between accounts.

Hence, the logic of the back-office infrastructure is the same as for MetaTrader server in that there is only one admin MT4API跟单 panel, but several manager's accounts for each white label.

The platform is connected to the MT server with a Manager's API. All master and investment accounts can be placed in either one or a few groups. Your existing groups can be used for placing master and slaves there. No need to create a separate group for every money manager and his investors.



  • 净值缩放,是按照净值比例,举例,1万喊单账户下1手,手数倍数1倍,1000跟单账户则下0.1手;手数倍数若是2倍,则1000跟单账户下0.2手。
  • 同等手数,是按照喊单账户的手数,若手数倍数是1倍,1万喊单账户下1手,1000跟单账户也下1手,若手数倍数是0.1倍,则1000跟单账户下0.1手。
  • 目前无固定手数跟单,现在只解决跟单需求,而非策略组合。
  • 选好之后,一定要点击增加,然后再提交;包括修改策略,一定要选中之后,点击修改,再提交。如下图策略栏里分别代表的意思是:



  • 是否显示密码列;
  • 是否启用风控:注意风控是浮亏,代表百分比的意思。举例20,即跟单账户浮亏到20%会全部平仓,并且不再跟单;
  • 是否开启实时监视日志窗口:

  • 是否跟止盈止损;
  • 是否补建仓单;
  • 是否应用一键强制补单功能;
  • 当前账户历史记录显示天数;
  • 订单注释前缀;
  • 检测漏单频率60秒:意味着每60秒就检测一次是否漏单,这个频率根据做单数量,如果数量极大,建议60秒,如果数量较少,建议30秒检测一次。
  • 跟单账户漏单时对比20分钟内订单:20分钟可以自己定义,也就是只检测20分钟以内漏单情况,若超过20分钟意外,默认还有15分钟时间,如果超过35分钟没有补单,则弃补这单,会有记录停留在监视日志里面。
  • 补单时允许逆向偏离喊单价格100个基点:即10个大点,如果价格更好,则直接补仓,如果价格更差,但是在100个基点以内,也会补仓,这个自己设置。
  • 交易手数低于0.01手时,下0.01手
  • 交易手数高于20手时,下20手。
  • 这个手数是跟单账户,根据你策略的选择和倍数,计算出来的手数。
  • 保证金预警参数,默认即可。




跨平台API(Application Programming Interface,应用程序编程接口)服务,是指MT4跨平台交易跟单的调用接口,里面已经预先定义了跟单交易函数及逻辑处理程式,拥有权限通过调用MT4通信协议去实现跨平台跟单交易功能以及数据处理功能。